Certification for Facilities

Green Shield Certification is now available for single buildings, campuses or multiple buildings where our pest control performance standards are attained. Facility managers can fast-track compliance with the structural component of our standards by contracting with a certified provider.

Green Shield Certified offers certification for public buildings that are managed with dedication to effective pest management practices with the least risk to people and the environment.

Our certification is designed to help you be easily recognizable as an advanced practitioner of IPM methods. The Green Shield Certification process is confidential, convenient, efficient and affordable. Our tested certification standards:

Green building standards and LEED certification often require integrated pest management -- that's why Green Shield Certified is recognized by the US Green Building Council as a qualifying program for its IPM credit requirements for LEED v4.

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Evaluations Standards Form for Facilities (pdf)

Green Shield Certified Certification Requirements and Pricing (pdf)

Annual Renewal Form for Facilities (doc)

Please click here for a list of currently certified facilities.