For Landscapes

Midwest Grows Green and the sustainable standard for premium pest protection, Green Shield Certified (GSC), invite you to pursue our new GSC for Landscapes standards that identify and support service providers and landscapes that demonstrate proficiency in integrated pest management (IPM), sustainable landscaping or organic landscaping.

Organizations that achieve GSC for Landscapes recognition can market their services or practices as low-risk, eco-friendly and safer for their customers, employees and community.

GSC for Landscapes certifies both greenspaces of athletic fields, natural areas, college campuses and more and companies of landscape architects, lawn care providers, natural resource managers and more.

MGG’s Lawn & Land Forum working group extensively reviewed these standards to ensure that GSC recognized companies and projects created:

  1. Safer greenspaces for people, pets and pollinators by avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that scientific research suggests adversely impacts environmental health and biodiversity.
  2. Healthier soils through soil testing, aeration, compost topdressing, organic fertilization and much more. This soil health improvement nourishes vegetation and captures more rainfall, airborne pollution and atmospheric carbon.
  3. Effective pest and weed management by disrupting life cycles and eliminating favorable conditions such as compacted soil, unbalanced pH and nutrient levels and poor drainage.

Applicants can either pursue “GSC for Landscapes” or “GSC for Landscapes ORGANIC” recognition.  Further questions about our new GSC for Landscapes standards can be directed to IPM Institute’s Ryan Anderson at

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