IPM for Facility Managers Professional Development Training

Learn how to identify and effectively manage pests while minimizing pesticide and pest management hazards!

When you enroll in the IPM for Facility Managers training, you will receive…

  • practical pest control tools and techniques to take back to work and apply in your daily routine.
  • an informative and engaging learning experience that covers everything from starting a pest management program to identifying key pest species and pest-conducive conditions in your facility.
  • real-life testimonials and pictures of facilities with pest problems.
  • a certificate of completion that verifies you have the knowledge and motivation to practice and implement IPM in your facility.

Learn more about the training in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s flexible! Take the courses online at your own pace.

It’s credible! Learn the latest science and evidence from experts to improve your awareness and understanding of Integrated Pest Management and how it applies to your profession.

It’s practical! See real-life examples and pictures of facilities using Integrated Pest Management and get access to additional resources that help address pest issues in your facility and that educate your team.

It’s transferable! The information taught in the IPM for Facility Managers training aligns with Green Shield Certified standards and can be a great place to start if you want to pursue certification for your IPM program or service.

It’s certifiable! Earn a certificate upon completion of the training modules, a brief quiz and quick evaluation survey.

Listen to real-world testimonies and practical advice gathered from IPM experts across the nation. In the IPM for Facility Managers training, you’ll not only receive the basic knowledge needed to develop an IPM plan at your facility, but you’ll also hear helpful insider tips from pest exclusion experts. Photos of real facilities and pests are displayed throughout the training to aid in the identification of proper IPM practices and common facility pests.

Take the training at your own pace. Once you’ve purchased the IPM for Facility Managers training, you’ll be able to access the training videos, quizzes and surveys any time you want so you can work through the training material in your own time. Trainees can stop the training video at any point and pick it back up later on.

Receive an official IPM for Facility Managers training certificate upon completion of the course. You can use your certificate of completion to stand out from the crowd. A certificate from the IPM for Facility Managers training course shows that you have the knowledge to implement IPM in your facility and the motivation to go above and beyond to correctly identify pests and get to the root of the problem.

Any professional working within a facility, including facility managers, custodians, maintenance staff, landscape and grounds managers, pesticide applicators and even building administration can all benefit from taking the IPM for Facility Managers training. IPM is a team effort and all applicable employees working within a facility should be educated on the IPM plan and practices. The training can also be used to educate contracted pest management professionals.

Parts 1-3 of the training are $30 each or you can purchase all three training modules for only $50!