IPM for Facility Managers Professional Development Training Part One

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Enroll in the course below and start watching the training presentation. Make sure to turn on the sound on your device to hear the voice over. You can pause the training at any point and return to it later if you need to take a break. When you have viewed all slides, mark the course as complete and continue to the short quiz followed by an evaluation survey to receive your certificate. You must achieve at least a 75% on the quiz to pass the training and proceed to the certificate. You can print or save your certificate before exiting or going on to take the next training module.

Module 1 IPM for Facility Managers Training Part One
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What will you learn?

The four core principles of IPM are inspection, monitoring, sanitation and exclusion. Learn how to inspect pest vulnerable areas for pest conducive conditions and signs of pests, monitor pest levels and ensure proper building sanitation and exclusion to prevent pest infestations.